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Zours Weed strain is a hybrid mixture between Sour Diesel and Gelato and is a sativa dominant. Judging from from the strains used to make the Zours strain, you can tell tokers have a right for a mad rush. The famous Sour Diesel and Gelato which are one of the most popular strains online. Buy Zours strain online as well as you can go through our huge inventory to get what you want at anytime.

Zours Strain Review

Zour weed strain will knock you off within minutes, it has a high THC level of 26%. This strain is considered a perfect daytime strain because of the Sour Diesel sativa inheritance. This strain will brighten up your day with uplifting energy tendencies. Moreover, Zours strain is a good remedy for stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

Created by Fire Society, this strain has rose in prominence of recent and there has been a mad rush. However, Zours strain became famous because of it’s Gelato and Sour Diesel parents.

Effects Of Zours Strain

This strain has a high which is energetic and creative which is an ideal strain for an artist. This strain will brighten your day hence if you anywhere around the world you can buy. Buy Zours Strain in Canada, buy Zours weed strain in UK.

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Medical Benefits 

This strain has a a sativa and indica origins, reason why it also has the ability to many health remedies. Zours strain is a perfect strain to remedy helath conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain and stress. Also a great remedy for insomnia.

There is a mad rush for this strain so i will advice you get yours asap before we run out of stock.

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