Turbo Lemon Cake Strain

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Buy Turbo Lemon Cake weed strain online: The fragrance is gritty and sharp with a harsh diesel overtone that is complemented by rich citrus and flavors. This award winning strain is gonna wow you, newbies can as well try it out.

About Turbo Lemon Cake Strain.

Turbo Lemon Cake, not to be mistaken for “Lemon Cake,” is a sativa prevailing mixture strain (80% sativa/20% indica) made through crossing the notorious Sour Kush X Sour Diesel X Harlequin strains. This bud welcomes on the madly delectable flavors, with sweet lemon and harsh nuttiness highlighted by a trace of exquisite diesel. The fragrance is exceptionally natural and impactful with a harsh diesel hint that is emphasized by rich citrus and flavors. The Turbo Lemon Cake high is similarly just about as addictive as the flavor, with durable and lifted impacts that will make them take off for quite a long time. The high goes ahead with a surge of cerebral impacts, dispatching your psychological state into one of cheerful energy with an inundation of inventiveness and inspiration. As your psyche arrives at new statures of bliss and center, your body will be washed over with a light loosening up impact that keeps you secured to the world beneath. On account of these energetic impacts and its high 25% normal THC level, Turbo Lemon Cake is supposed to be the ideal decision for treating conditions like ongoing weariness, headaches or migraines, despondency, state of mind swings, and persistent pressure. This bud has since a long time ago tightened spade-molded olive green nugs with slight orange hairs and a covering of radiant white precious stone trichomes.

In Illinois’ first Cannabis Cup, one brand substantiated themselves notably better than the rest. Revolution Global won gold in each class with the exception of edibles, where they took third spot. Their dearest friends of the year? Turbo Lemon Cake, Gorilla’d Cheese, and Florida Orange, the last of which additionally won the vape classification for the organization’s Terp Tanks. You can discover these champs at The Herbal Care Center in Chicago and New Age Care in Mount Prospect.


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