Auto Skywalker Haze Weed Strain

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Auto Skywalker Haze Weed Strain

This strain is expected to be one of the top weed strains this 2021 like it or not you will have to buy Auto Skywalker Haze Weed strain to try out this monsta.

About Skywalker Haze Weed Strain

It’s the autoflowering seed version of Skywalker Haze, with cannabis cup winning genetics from Blueberry, Mazar and Amsterdam Amnesia. She grows well under 20 hours of daily indoor light, taking around 12 weeks to finish. Outdoors, she takes a couple of weeks longer

This is a sativa autoflower strain with high THC levels. You can expect THC levels of around 20%. It’s significant, that as indicated by true Dutch Government coffeeshop overviews, the normal THC level in Dutch coffeeshop weed is ‘just’ 16%. So the THC levels offered via Auto Skywalker Haze are a lot higher than normal strains and will suit the producer searching for predominant intensity levels from their autoflower crops.

Auto Skywalker shows genuine distinctive quality from its smell through to its high. It was created by intersection an extraordinarily chose Skywalker Kush Cut from DNA seeds) xwith a Triangle F3.

Auto Skywalker is a 65% indica plant that develops medium-sized at 60 – 90 cm. tall with an open design that permits great light infiltration for in general bud advancement. Leaf tucking is emphatically prescribed to improve this even more promising branches to develop upwards. Great air filtration is fundamental when developing this plant inside as it is something contrary to a low-smell assortment. It additionally does well when filled in a nursery.

Buds are white with tar however not especially huge but rather what they need size they more than compensate for in thickness. Yields are in the reach 80 – 100 gr/plant inside 70 days of germination and Mephisto suggests growing 16 plants in 12 liter pots to accomplish the best returns. The fragrances and flavors cover sweet, gritty, pine and are sharp and obviously characterized. The impact is effective going directly to both head and legs and having a significant love seat lock quality. This is a heavenly smoke and is an incredible strain from which to make bubble-hash. Feel free to buy Auto Skywalker Haze weed strain from us as from today.


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