Amsterdam Amnesia Weed Strain (Amnesia Haze)


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  It’s Finally here, announced in December 2020, we did everything possible for us to be the first to release this marijuana strain into the market. You can now buy Amsterdam Amnesia weed strain online from our online dispensary. You can be among the first people to try this strain out.

About Amsterdam Amnesia Strain

With earthy flavors of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Amnesia is the perfect sativa strain to start your day with a smile. The uplifting, energetic buzz is one you won’t soon forget. This is a new strain that will light up your day this 2021, with a very high THC level, it is highly anticipated among marijuana fanatic around the world.

Without doubt one of the top new strains of weed for 2021 has to be Amsterdam Amnesia. Amsterdam Amnesia could well be one of the most important new cannabis seed releases in the last few years, using hand-picked genetics from some of Amsterdam’s most exclusive clone-only Amnesia selections.

It’s also very important to note that, only the finest Amnesia Haze genetics were selected for the breeding process. Preference was given for those genetics that produced the authentic Amnesia Haze taste and aroma, alongside potency. With very high THC levels you can expect THC around 20% in good conditions. If you are an expert grower with state-of-the-art LED grow lights, UVB supplemental lights and a tight control of grow room conditions then you can expect THC levels over 20%. Amsterdam Amnesia guarantees a profoundly potent harvest thanks to the elite genetics that have been carefully crafted into a superb new weed strain for 2021 and beyond!


You have every reason either as a grower or a recreational user to try out this wonderful new strain and make it popular, this is definitely the next big thing coming to the cannabis community around the world.

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