24K Gold Marijuana Strain


Highest Test24%

Strain Average19.5%

Indica Average12.5%

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Buy 24K Gold Marijuana Strain Online.

24K gold strain which is a cross between Kosher Kush and Tangie strain is a sativa hybrid strain from DNA Genetics. We have made it possible as growers so anyone can buy 24K Gold marijuana strain from us online.

More About 24K Gold Marijuana strain. 

The smell of new citrus and orange zing bounces off of relieved blossoms of 24K Gold. After looking into it further, a whiff of pine and musk is additionally sneaking under. In the mean time, tearing open these thick buds yields notes of fiery and incense, selling out this current crossover’s Hindu Kush landrace roots. At the point when consumed in a line or a joint, 24K Gold ignites with a smoke that is exceptionally smooth notwithstanding being thick and lung-extending. This smoke tastes fruity with a peppery kick on the breathe out; this mix of flavors may taste unpleasant to certain clients.

The high from 24K Gold hits rapidly for an indica. Very quickly in the wake of breathing out a bowlful, smokers may identify a slight pulsating at the front of the temple. This sensation is joined by a honing of the faculties – outside improvements like sights and sounds may appear to be intensified, making this strain ideal for getting a charge out of some barometrical music or an outwardly captivating film. A few clients may encounter somewhat hallucinogenic impacts like time expansion or visual twists.

The Feeling

24K Gold accompanies not many profitable cerebral impacts: while smokers might have the option to carry on a clear discussion, they will in general get marvelous and dopey, and surely not prepared to execute complex undertakings. All things considered, share this accommodating buzz for certain companions and let the giggles or discussion stream. Over the long haul or as measurements is expanded, a more extreme period of actual sedation starts. Smokers regularly slide into body soften and sofa bolt and can stay content for quite a long time, given a couple of common luxuries. On account of its illuminatingly apathetic energies, 24K Gold is more suitable for evening time than daytime use.

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