Apple Fritter Marijuana Strain


An Inside Into This Wonderful Marijuana Strain.

Also known as Apple Fritters, this strain is obtained from crossing Sour Apple and Animal Cookies Strains. As well as this this strain is Indica so does it match up as Sativa making it a 50% each balanced strained.

This strain came to prominence in 2016 after winning the High Times Award for the strongest strain of the year. This strain brings a high hitting high and delicious flavour that can make you cry for more after maybe just one taste. It has a super sweet fruity apple flavor that taste like fresh baked Apple Fritter.

The Apple Fritter high beginnings nearly when you experience your first breathe out, filling your psyche with a hurrying lift that pushes out any negative or dashing musings very quickly. As your cerebral state flies increasingly elevated, a shivery body high will wash over you, loosening up your hurting muscles and leaving you feeling absolutely quiet with your general surroundings.

In mix with its very high 22-28% normal THC level, these impacts give Apple Fritter an edge in treating those experiencing conditions like a sleeping disorder, ongoing torment, discouragement, state of mind swings and constant pressure. This bud has spade-molded dim olive green nugs with profound purple connotations, distinctive orange hairs and a covering of minuscule white precious stone trichomes.

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